2 Years in University + 2 Years in Industry (2u2i)

Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015-2025 (Higher Education) Shift 1: Holistic, Entrepreneurial and Balanced Graduates

The implementation of the 2u2i program aims to support flexible education. It enhances students learning experience through experiential learning during industrial placement.

The brand 2u2i essentially represents the learning approach where students undergo on campus learning as well industrial placement during their study period.

Under the brand 2u2i, there are various combinations¬† of students’ on campus learning and industrial placement such as 3u1i (3 years in the university, 1 year in the industry) and 2u1i (2 years in the university, 1 year in the industry).¬†

Way Forward

Expansion of the implementation of the 2u2i programme

Guidelines for the Implementation of the 2u2i Study Mode

The guidelines is read together with MQA’s Guidelines to Good Practices: Work-based Learning (GGP: WBL)


Public Universities
Private Institutions of Higher Learning
Industry players / potential employers